I have accidentally installed the mate-screensaver using the AppCenter. Which did mess up many visual elements (icons, window decorations, and such). I will probably end up reinstalling the OS as I did not find an easy way to fix it (it is a new install, not a huge deal). However, is there a recommended screensaver package which is known to work well with Elementary OS?

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I'm not aware of a screensaver package that works well with elementary OS.

Other popular screensaver options include XScreensaver and GNOME Screensaver, but I wasn't able to find much information about whether these work well with elementary. There are some reports of GNOME Screensaver messing up the lock screen shortcut.

Here's Danielle Foré, the founder of elementary, on screensavers (see this bug):

I think the general consensus, last time it was discussed, was that it was better to just turn the display off.

As stated before, the periodic table has nothing to do with our brand.

I'm leaning towards this being a wont fix. Screeensavers are kind of an outdated concept, IMO.

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    Ryan, Thank you for the pointers. I understand the reasoning (although do not agree with it :) ) and it makes sense. At the relatively early project stage a screensaver is probably not the top priority. For the record, I use screensaver not to save from a screen burnout (which seems to be an issue of a past, though IDK), but as a mild stimulating distraction with a photo album when I am stuck and thinking. Cheers. Mar 27, 2017 at 15:00
  • would definitely be nice to have. I have my PC go to suspend after 3 hours, but I'd love for it to look pretty when not in use but still on.
    – Seph Reed
    Sep 1, 2021 at 18:24

I have this same problem with screen saver. After 15 minutes is turning my screen black and is logging out. I try turn of in gnome system settings from user privileges, but it did't worked. I try install external program "light-locker-screen" but i have problem with modules from python.

Then I come up with idea that I will run command from terminal as super user, and run gnome-control-center.

sudo su

and then go to power settings, where "turn of screen when not active" was set to 15 minutes, so I changed to never, and also I went to security & privacy settings and switch Locking off for both "lock on sleep" and "lock after screen turns off"

I think that you need super-user privileges to effectively change these settings. Maybe solution is that you can only make this changes as a super user?

  • Omg thank you bro! I search this option 2 hours! Its so stupid devs they can just copy this settings to "Power" from Security and Privacy
    – Amaroc
    May 15, 2018 at 0:35

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