elementaryOS / Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

I recently upgraded memory on my computer to 8 GB and I feel like the swap I have is too big so I want to size it down. However, I noticed that there are 2 partitions on Disks application:

  • /dev/elementary-vg/swap_1
  • /dev/mapper/cryptswap

My memory was 6 GB and I only followed the guides that say to create swap twice your memory, but now I realized that both of these disks are 5.3 GB.

TL;DR I'm confused which to resize -- I might only need 2 GB swap or delete it completely.

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In fact, having the swap space twice the size of your RAM is only a guideline. Actually with 8 GB of physical RAM you won't need much swap space: you might want to keep the one and delete the other partition. If you want to use swap encryption you should keep the cryptswap if not, keep the other one.

However, to hibernate you must have at least the same amount of swap free as you do RAM used.

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