I think I have a similar problem to this post, but not sure

Pantheon Desktop shell unresponsive / hang / freeze when using kodi

I was doing some work on my Loki desktop on Sunday but had some kind of issue where everything just seemed to be painfully slow. I rebooted and ever since the windows manager will not respond to mouse clicks. The mouse works, sometimes I can click on the dock items, somethings wingpannel, sometimes both, but oonce I open up an application, I can only control that application with the keyboard. I can't click to select anything in the application window, I can't drag and move the window; nothing. I noticed there is a much longer lag between login and when the pantheon desktop is fully loaded..

I suspect it may have been caused by a faulty update installation. Is there anyway to fix this without a complete re-installation?

I am running Loki on a 2006 Mac Pro desktop 2*Xeon 4-core CPUs 32gb ddr 3 or 2 Nvidia GTX970 EOS is on an SSD

Thanks in advance

I am editing this because I have narrowed the issue down to either 1: the Logitech cordless mouse I was using or 2: clicking on the shutdown icon on wingpannel

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I also have the same issue. The mouse becomes completely unresponsive. However i could navigate with keyboard. I found a quick solution. Pressing win + space to open the launcher fixes it for me. At least for some time.


The mouse becomes unresponsive when changing applications/windows. Apparently, this bug is not specific to Pantheon. I've faced the same issue on Ubuntu 17.10. Removing the Nvidia-304 driver fixes it.

This is a good tutorial for installing the correct Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu and derivatives.

One way I found to get around, without uninstalling the Nvidia-304 driver, is by changing to the desired application/window with alt + tab. The mouse click shall work on the newly selected window.


I faced this issue after installing three Drivers using the new AppCenter:

  • intel-microcode v3.20151106.1
  • nvidia-340 v340.102
  • nvidia-304 v304.135

And resolved it by removing the nvidia-304.

I have GeForce 8600 and the old package causes problems.

enter image description here (uninstall the selected item)

As for the long lag beween login and desktop, I have this issue for half a year already, seems like it does not correlate with the mouse issue...

I created a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/elementaryos/+bug/1697640

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