I've been using scratch for quite some time and its features as an IDE are very limited. So I was wondering how to develop/install new third party plugins for it but I was unable to find any documentation pertaining to it. Is it possible? If yes,then how?


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Scratch is developed in Vala, so you have at least two ways to create a plugin for a vala application:

You can use Glib.Module class from gmodule-2.0 library to develop it. You can find more info at:

However, there is other way, used by Scratch, to add plugins: You can use libpeas-1.0 library. You can find more info at:

Also, you can take a look at Scratch plugin-manager code:

And finally, a simple tutorial about how to develop a plugin for a vala program:

I hope these readings will help you with your question.


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