The key binding for moving an application to the workspace to the left or right does not appear to work. Shift + Super + Left / Right is listed as the appropriate binding in my settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts -> workspaces but it does not appear to work. How can I fix this?

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I just posted this question in case others had the same problem as me. Here is what I discovered.

The problem stems from SuperShiftLeft and SuperShiftRight already being assigned as shortcuts. Install dconf-editor and navigate to org > gnome > desktop > wm > keybindings. From this you will see that move-to-workspace-left/right is assign both SuperShiftLeft/Right and SuperAltLeft/Right. If you want to utilise the Shift option, then delete the assignments for move-to-monitor-left and move-to-monitor-right as it also uses the same keybinding. I assume these assignments were to move windows between multiple monitors, so if you have more than one monitor set up perhaps delete SuperShiftLeft and SuperShiftRight from the keybindings for move-to-workspace-left and move-to-workspace-right, leaving SuperAltLeft/Right as your navigation options.

  • What if I want to 'flick' an application to the opposite monitor in a dual monitor setup, without changing workspaces? Is there a shortcut to do this?
    – Seth
    Jun 17, 2016 at 15:34
  • There are move-to-monitor-down (and all other directions) keybindings for you to change there. Aug 29, 2017 at 8:29

It seems to be a bug in the keyboard settings plug, use Alt instead of Shift to move an application.

Move to workspace 1: Super+Alt+1
Move to workspace 2: Super+Alt+2
Move to workspace 3: Super+Alt+3
Move to left Super+Alt+Left
Move to right Super+Alt+Right


The SUPER key plus any number key works for me on Luna. However, a second workspace needs to have an application open before a third becomes possible. The SUPER key plus down arrow reveals all open workspaces at the bottom of the screen, allowing one to choose between them with a mouse click if desired.

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