I've created a custom .desktop file to launch an Android Emulator bash script file. I've successfully gotten the file to launch the emulator but I get two icons in Plank. I've read about this happening with Chrome and needing to add StartupWMClass= but I'm not sure what to put after the =

Here is my .desktop file that launches my bash script shown below that...

[Desktop Entry] Type=Application Encoding=UTF-8 Name=Android Emulator Comment=Android Emulator Exec=/home/elementary/Tools/Emulator/emulator.sh Icon=/home/elementary/Tools/Emulator/emulator_48.png Categories=Utility Terminal=false


cd ~/Android/Sdk/tools ./emulator -avd Emulator -gpu on -qemu -m 2048 -enable-kvm &

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Found the answer here:


I needed to identify what to place on a StartWMClass and the command xprop WM_CLASS provided that.

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