I wanted to make steam icon visible on system tray, so I edited /etc/wingpanel.d/ayatana.blacklist and I accidentally deleted all of the blacklist names instead of only steam. So the outcome is that now I have two wifi icons on the tray and I wanna get rid of the other one. Could you please tell me what were the original names there? Thank you!

  • That is funny "ayatana", While I do not know what ayatana.blacklist would do, it is a Buddhist term for for eye base, ear base, etc. So I would imagine it is some type of blocker for things that can "interrupt". Seems like the designers are Buddhist and Theravada too. Feb 6, 2017 at 0:25

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This file is in the elementary-default-settings package:

$ dpkg -S /etc/wingpanel.d/ayatana.blacklist 
elementary-default-settings: /etc/wingpanel.d/ayatana.blacklist

You can download it and extract its contents

$ sudo apt-get --download-only --reinstall elementary-default-settings
$ dpkg --vextract /var/cache/apt/archives/elementary-default-settings*.deb /tmp

And now you check the contents of the file, overwrite the old one, etc. at /tmp/etc/wingpanel.d/ayatana.blacklist

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