I rarely use most of the Settings, but those that I use more often (Shortcuts, Startup applications, Printers) I want them accessed really fast.

For example I would like to be able to open with only one click or short-key the Shortcuts window.

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At some point the subsections of Settings were accessible through Slingshot, but not anymore.

An ideal way for me would be to know the commands that would trigger at least some of them and then create a shortcut or a dock launcher for those.

Are there such commands?

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Just for the record, this issue has been fixed since, you can launch sub-settings via Slingshot again. (cf. Cannot start the specific sub-System Settings items from Applications launcher (Slingshot))

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    at the present only a part of the sub-settings are available: see updated linked question
    – user170
    Commented Feb 8, 2017 at 13:23

That's not a quite what I asked, but... At least one sub-setting (Startup) is administer also by another (a bit under-the hood) tool: gnome-session-properties (of the gnome-session-bin package, installed by default) - more here. - So, gnome-session-properties can be the command for that.

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