Mozc works properly as expected but however i can't manage to set Russian works as same from fcitx-configtool. When i input, there's only English alphabet instead of Russian.

Any idea?

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The System Configuration-> Change Input Source not works for me, but use fcitx configuration util helps.


As a Russian learner, I encountered the same problem today after switching from ibus to fcitx. I googled and find this question. However I found the solution myself and share here.

It seemed to me this is a bug in fcitx. After switching to Russian keyword layout, the keyboard does not take effect immediately and it only takes effect the second time you enter the app. I just switch focus to other app and back the original app (by pressing and releasing alt-tab twice) where I want to type Russian.

The same problem does not occur when switching from English to other CJK input method.

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