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I want update to kernel 4.9, but I not know if this can cause problems in my computer.

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You can always try to upgrade you kernel.

However, as there is no 4.9 kernel package in elementary OS, you should understand the risks (as in: your system will not boot any more or there will be driver errors; there is only a very small chance of danger as in actually bricking it).

If you are sure to go on with the upgrade, I would start at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.9/


I was able to install 4.9 on my machine without issue. I used Ukuu which makes the process fairly painless and allows you to easily revert back if you have issues.



I had update my kernel to 4.6 trying to fix some flickering in chrome caused by skylake intel processor but not success. I think you can upgrade to 4.9 carefully.


I have two machines on Loki - one running latest 4.8 and other 4.9 and both run. As long as you use the Ubuntu packages, your old kernels will still be bootable via Grub.


Yeah I upgraded to 4.9 on my skylake laptop with no issues at all. As others said, you retain the ability to boot from the stock kernel with grub.

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