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Top new questions this week:

Bluetooth headphones don't work at all :(

Today I bought a cheap usb bluetooth adapter to use it with my bluetooth headphones, and I've tried to connect them and use them. When I try to connect them it either says Unable to connect or asks me ...

release-hera sound bluetooth  
asked by Codedgar 1 vote
answered by RantyRant 0 votes

application update no longer needs a password? (elementary OS 5.1.5 Hera

Just recently ... within the past few weeks ... i have noticed that application update is no longer prompting me for a password. I have not noticed anything about this on updates. Is this working ...

asked by George Barbaz 1 vote
answered by RantyRant 0 votes

Hera (5.1) - MacBook; Installation failed at grub install

I have a late 2006 MacBook (MacBook2,1). I downloaded Elementary OS (5.1, Hera) and plunked it on a USB stick. I tried in in "live mode" and all was good. I committed to installing eOS and it was ...

release-hera grub macbook  
asked by LiamF 1 vote
answered by Yasn 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to get WiFi drivers to work?

I have ID 0846:9020 NetGear, Inc. WNA3100(v1) Wireless-N 300 [Broadcom BCM43231] I bought few years ago. I have to move my computer to apart of the house where Ethernet will not reach.

wifi drivers  
asked by Richard Grant 2 votes
answered by Giovanni Caligaris 1 vote

Workspaces seem to only apply to the primary display. Is this a feature or a bug?

I apologize for the wider screenshots than normal, but since this is a dual monitor question/problem, it's necessary... Recently my computer has decided that when I switch workspaces, anything on my ...

release-freya workspace  
asked by Paul Figueiredo 13 votes
answered by Daniel Foré 11 votes

OSX Theme for elementary OS

I like to theme elementary OS loki but i can't find some icons, plank and wingpanel that is similar to OSX sierra. Where should i find it? elementary OS is beautiful by itself but i'd like to try ...

release-loki themes  
asked by New User 231 3 votes
answered by wefunkster 2 votes

How can I fix a secure boot failing to grub when I installed 0.3.1?

Boot into the system in UEFI mode failed.. Why does 0.3 support UEFI but 0.3.1 doesn't? Bug Reports:0.3.1 UEFI / Secure Boot support incompatibleFreya UEFI install boots to grub prompt I can't boot ...

release-freya system-installation uefi live-cd grub  
asked by JulianLai 15 votes
answered by Tomblarom 11 votes

How to change or replace the dock?

Is it possible to change the appearance of the dock or to replace it with a different one like Docky? Thanks!

asked by Martin Zeltin 8 votes
answered by Cairin Michie 5 votes

Superuser/root password does not match user password

I'm asked for the root password and it doesn't match my user password. Can anyone tell me the root password?

asked by Ulf Ulvik 2 votes
answered by bitseater 1 vote

Buttons are missing in the file chooser dialog. What should I do?

The action area buttons have gone missing from my file chooser dialog. I am unable to take action or close the dialog. How can I get the buttons back?

asked by Daniel Foré 16 votes
answered by Daniel Foré 28 votes
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