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New install has a login loop

I am a new elementary OS user and I just installed it on a PC. The installation took place as normal. However, when I put the password in and it begins to login after 3 seconds the screen goes black ...

user avatar asked by José Oliveira Score of 8
user avatar answered by user3 Score of 9

Bluetooth not work on elementary os 0.4 Loki

I've installed elementary OS on my laptop but bluetooth doesn't recognize any device, can someone help me? I'm not expert with the ubuntu system...and sorry for my english 03:00.0 Ethernet controller ...

user avatar asked by EdoardoA Score of 3
user avatar answered by matakudua Score of 4

How to install Google Chrome?

I'm new to Linux and am trying out Elementary. I need to install Google Chrome and do not see it in the app store, but I downloaded it directly from the Google site. However, I don't understand what I ...

user avatar asked by Romen Score of 10
user avatar answered by Menno van leeuwen Score of 7

How to upgrade from elementary OS 5 to 6?

I want to use elementary OS 6 but I am using elementary OS 5 in my VM on Windows. What terminal commands do I need to type?

user avatar asked by Jon Score of 10
user avatar answered by RCKT Score of 11

How to automatically hide wingpanel?

How to automatically hide wingpanel in elementary OS 0.4 Loki?

user avatar asked by TeeJaay Score of 11
user avatar answered by Ryan DeBeasi Score of 7

Touchpad right button not working for right click on juno

I have a dell xps with a touchpad with physical buttons. After installing Juno my right button does not work for right click. As far as I undestand from this article

user avatar asked by Seb Cesbron Score of 1
user avatar answered by Dorban Score of 11

Why can't I place files on the desktop by default, and how can I get this feature?

By default, elementary OS doesn't have a desktop folder - and no files can be placed onto the wallpaper. Note that this isn't just that icons don't show, there really is no desktop folder: Where ...

desktop files user-interface navigation  
user avatar asked by Christian Score of 29
user avatar answered by Daniel Foré Score of 40
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