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Top new questions this week:

Something wrong with my panel and dock popover

I believe its become like this after an update that i did on 16 jan. Didn't install any application or something that can cause for this. Anyone has the same problem? I restarted or shutdown few ...

wingpanel plank release-hera  
asked by KaanErdo─čan 2 votes
answered by ubgus 4 votes

How to open a new Terminal Window instead of a new Tab

I am using elementary OS 5.1 Hera. The shortcut Super+T in previous versions (in elementary 5 and older) opened a new Terminal Window . Now it opens a new Tab in an existing Terminal Window (which in ...

keyboard-shortcuts pantheon-terminal release-hera app-shortcuts  
asked by nogamawa 2 votes
answered by Bo rislav 2 votes

Elementary freezes from time to time

I'm having troubles with Elementary OS, because it freezes several times a day. The whole system is suspending, cursor and everything doesn't work, but the music still still plays. Re-installing and ...

asked by chmielulu 1 vote

Why can't I maximize Settings window?

Every time I open System Settings it won't let me maximize the window and part of it strangely hidden below (!) the screen, so I can't reach some of the settings (like the "Apply" button). Clicking on ...

settings release-hera window-management  
asked by sauromates 1 vote
answered by sauromates 1 vote

Stuck at elementaryOS logo after shutdown

using the latest version Hera 5.1 of eOS, when I shutdown my computer the screen stay at the logo forever. I tried "sudo shutdown now" but nothing change. Also tried Esc but it show nothing. (Nothing ...

asked by basilo699 1 vote

Issues with UI rendering (Weird border/title bar shadows)

Recently the UI on my system started to render a bit weirdly. As can be seen in screenshots below, the title bar has a weird drop shadow on it (although subtle) and window border shadows became very ...

asked by Thomas 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Loki - Media Keys, Shortcuts, Volume Keys broken

As per the recent Reddit post, some of the Hotkeys cannot be assigned as shortcuts and the Screenshot shortcuts do not work at all no matter which shortcut combo is selected. My Xiaomi Mibook has ...

keyboard screenshot keyboard-shortcuts  
asked by GZgidnick 13 votes
answered by GZgidnick 12 votes

Can't install elementary-tweaks on Juno

I'm trying to install elementary-tweaks on Juno but adding the ppa is causing an error. Here is my console output... Err:7 bionic ...

release-juno apt thirdpartyapps  
asked by Martin Linklater 1 vote
answered by Sebastian 3 votes

Determine base Ubuntu version

I'm trying to contribute with Docker's install script by providing auto distribution detection support for elementary OS, so, elementary OS users would be automatically detected when using Docker's ...

programming pantheon-terminal  
asked by fmoliveira 14 votes
answered by Daniel Foré 26 votes

OSX Theme for elementary OS

I like to theme elementary OS loki but i can't find some icons, plank and wingpanel that is similar to OSX sierra. Where should i find it? elementary OS is beautiful by itself but i'd like to try ...

release-loki themes  
asked by New User 231 3 votes
answered by wefunkster 2 votes

How do I install Oracle Java JDK 8 on Freya?

How can I install JDK 8? Is it possible to install it from PPA?

asked by AndroidGeek 9 votes
answered by Saeed Masoumi 13 votes

Why can't I place files on the desktop by default, and how can I get this feature?

By default, elementary OS doesn't have a desktop folder - and no files can be placed onto the wallpaper. Note that this isn't just that icons don't show, there really is no desktop folder: Where ...

desktop files user-interface navigation  
asked by Christian 26 votes
answered by Daniel Foré 40 votes

How to change laptop lid close behaviour (to not suspend when the lid is closed)

In other OSes, in the power settings I am able to configure a laptop's 'Close lid' behaviour. Options are like: Hibernate Sleep Power off Do nothing I do not see such an option in elementary OS ...

settings power laptop  
asked by dom_watson 23 votes
answered by vaishious 7 votes

Can you answer these questions?

The source list couldn't not be read

I'm new on linux and I don't know too much of linux. noobie My source list crash when i was installing the repository of spotify. I dont know how to explain myself. I hope one of you can help me with ...

updates appcenter  
asked by Luis Fernando 1 vote

Borderless Windowed in Elementary

I have desperately been trying to find away to remove the window decoration of a specific window for a borderless windowed effect. There are lots of answers and systems out there for doing it but I ...

asked by Ian 1 vote

Audio stopped working and App center got removed

Was trying out the Recipes app by Bart Zaalberg. When I installed it i had one unmet dependency: json-glib-1.0. The way I managed to fix that issue was by installing elementary-sdk through sudo apt ...

appcenter sound  
asked by NUGA 1 vote
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