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Top new questions this week:

What is the checksum for the Hera ISO file?

Hera has just been released, but the installation page still has the 5.0 2018/10/16 checksum. Can you please provide the 5.1 2019/12/02 one? Thanks TM

system-installation release-hera  
asked by Tiago Maymone 2 votes
answered by user19625 1 vote

How to store data from a ListModel?

Is there some sort of standard or commonly-used way to store data in elementary apps? I currently have a bunch of GObjects contained in a ListModel and would like to persist that to the disk and ...

vala storage  
asked by qard 2 votes
answered by Vlad Pop 0 votes

AppCenter complains and doesn't work to install anything

Error: Failed to Fetch Updates This may have been caused by external, manually added software repositories or a corrupted sources file. Details > Failed to obtain authentication I do have ...

updates appcenter repositories  
asked by rdr 1 vote
answered by rdr 1 vote

Touchpad stopped working after Hera 5.1 update

My trackpad stopped working after updating form Juno to Hera, now I'm forced to use a mouse. from my xinput list the touchpas seems to be recognized: Virtual core pointer ...

touchpad release-hera  
asked by Tommaso Sebastianelli 1 vote
answered by LinkPhoenix 1 vote

Kernel version is still 4.15, after upgrading to 5.1 Hera

I've updated my system, but it didn't update the kernel. Please see the output of my commands: loathe@elementaryos ~> lsb_release --all No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: elementary ...

updates kernel release-hera  
asked by wheldrake 1 vote
answered by Kirt Henrie 2 votes

Black Screen After Hera Install?

'Try Elementary' works fine from bootable USB. However, after I install and boot I get a black screen after the splash screen. I read about editing a line at bootup to state nomodeset, but I'm still ...

display release-hera  
asked by Jason Diggs 1 vote
answered by Vui 1 vote

Flatpak apps not showing up in app menu

I've installed two Flatpak apps with sideload, and they never got icons and I cannot start them. What should I do? It was Spotify and Discord. Is this general limitation of elementary os? Edit: The ...

thirdpartyapps flatpack  
asked by Gustav Ramestad 1 vote
answered by m93a 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Eclipse Mars freezes after splash screen

I'm having trouble running Eclipse Mars x64 on Elementary OS. I get to the splash screen and then my computer freezes I have to hard restart it. I'm using the Oracle JDK for Java 8.

asked by zlalanne 15 votes
answered by Rafael 23 votes

Elementary OS ignoring suspend disable

In power settings, suspend is disabled. However, the PC still goes into a suspend state after approximately 30 minutes. This behavior does not happen under Ubuntu Budgie on another SSD in the same PC. ...

settings system release-juno  
asked by Eric 6 votes
answered by Michael Kanis 10 votes

Wireless Network not working after Installation

I have just installed Elementary OS. My WiFi is not working. There are tons of solutions out there, and i have no idea which will work. Rather than trying all of them, it would be nice to have a ...

wifi networking drivers  
asked by Divyanshu Sharma 1 vote
answered by Divyanshu Sharma 2 votes

Superuser/root password does not match user password

I'm asked for the root password and it doesn't match my user password. Can anyone tell me the root password?

asked by Ulf Ulvik 2 votes
answered by bitseater 1 vote

Shaky mouse pointer when using touchpad

I have an issue with shaky mouse pointer when I'm using touch pad, but only when I'm using one finger. It doesn't happen when I use: two fingers to scroll (cursor doesn't move, but I can scroll up ...

mouse touchpad  
asked by Filip Sobol 5 votes
answered by wolf 6 votes

Installing phpstorm / webstorm as Application

Is it possible somehow to install phpstorm and webstorm and having them in the application list?

applications software-installation  
asked by Artisan72 5 votes
answered by shrestha_aj 2 votes

Configure Files to use double click

By default Pantheon Files, the file manager in elementary OS, uses a single click to open files and folders. How can I change this to double click, similar to Windows?

asked by quassy 47 votes
answered by quassy 66 votes

Can you answer these questions?

I added accounts to my Elementary email client. Client does not show email content

The account routes through a local bridge service that decrypts/encrypts protonmail messages. Following protonmail's instructions, I added an account for my primary email The account routes through ...

asked by Robert Withers 1 vote

Plank does not emerge icons

My issue is identical to this one, and it did solve my issue when I changed the logo from .png to .ico in .desktop. However, a restart/log-out session would render the solution void. As you can see ...

plank icons  
asked by SaltedFish 1 vote

How do I fix the error "couldn't find a place to store the pinned certificate"

Trying Elementary Hera - ran the email program, was told my mail server certificate was untrusted, got prompted to trust it, when I did so, there was a long delay after which the error Couldn't find ...

pantheon-mail release-hera  
asked by David 1 vote
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