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Restart GUI without rebooting the system

How can I restart my GUI (X window server) from command line without rebooting the system? Which process(es) do I need to kill and do they automatically restart?

command-line window-manager  
user avatar asked by wolf Score of 7
user avatar answered by Fred Rocha Score of 7

Loki, additional hardware

How do I access the additional hardware/drivers menu in Loki? Am I missing something or was this GUI option removed?

settings release-loki hardware drivers  
user avatar asked by Zachary Sutton Score of 7
user avatar answered by El Paccino Score of 4

How to get Adobe Flash Player on elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki (64-bit) with Google Chrome

I can't read my digital newspaper on my pc because it needs Adobe Flash to open it. I am using Elementary Loki with Google Chrome. I have tried several things from several forums which didn't work and ...

user avatar asked by Marcelo Score of 2
user avatar answered by HeroZero Score of 1

How to automatically hide wingpanel?

How to automatically hide wingpanel in elementary OS 0.4 Loki?

user avatar asked by TeeJaay Score of 11
user avatar answered by Ryan DeBeasi Score of 7

New install has a login loop

I am a new elementary OS user and I just installed it on a PC. The installation took place as normal. However, when I put the password in and it begins to login after 3 seconds the screen goes black ...

user avatar asked by José Oliveira Score of 8
user avatar answered by user3 Score of 9

Does elementary 0.4 loki supports 32-bit?

I'm keen to instal this newest release from elementary OS. Unfortunately, I don't get an option to choose between 32 or 64 bit upon download. Does this mean that 32-bit support is dropped altogether? ...

release-loki hardware  
user avatar asked by wouter205 Score of 13
user avatar answered by Djax Score of 9

How can I add an executable file to the dock?

I downloaded Aptana Studio which is not "installed" but can be launched directly from the downloaded executable. I'd like to add a shortcut to the applications menu or in the dock. Drag & Drop to ...

user avatar asked by Loic Riviere Score of 22
user avatar answered by V_Pavel Score of 19
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