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How to change or replace the dock?

Is it possible to change the appearance of the dock or to replace it with a different one like Docky? Thanks!

asked by Martin Zeltin 8 votes
answered by Cairin Michie 5 votes

Waiting for package manager lock what does that mean?

I can't seem to add any applications. I receive a notice saying "Waiting for package manager lock". I like Elementary but I am stuck and unable to install any additional programs. Should I do a ...

asked by Denny in Ohio 8 votes
answered by JCOGS Design 11 votes

How do I move the dock to the right of screen on loki?

By default, the dock (plank) sits at the bottom of the screen. I'd like it to be on the right, since my monitor is quite wide, and I want to use as much vertical space as possible for windows. In ...

release-loki plank  
asked by Dane Rossenrode 9 votes
answered by Salix alba 18 votes

Restart GUI without rebooting the system

How can I restart my GUI (X window server) from command line without rebooting the system? Which process(es) do I need to kill and do they automatically restart?

command-line window-manager  
asked by wolf 6 votes
answered by Fred Rocha 6 votes

VMware tools Installation

What do I have to type in the terminal to install VMware tools. I already have it showing up as a cd in the file system. I am new to Linux systems and operating the terminal.

asked by Mike 3 votes
answered by pdunker 7 votes

Update error (sudo apt-get update)

I am using freya. When I run sudo apt-get update I got the following errors W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 91.189.92....

asked by ericb 1925 5 votes
answered by Ravan 9 votes

How can I make LibreOffice look better?

For example, this is what LibreOffice Calc looks like right after installation: Very Windows 95 looking. Ho can I make it look more in line with the design of elementary OS?

themes libreoffice  
asked by Gabriel 29 votes
answered by fitojb 39 votes
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