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How do I enable NumLock at login?

I'd like to be able to use my number pad immediately after login without having to manually activate it by pressing NumLock.

settings keyboard  
asked by Giulio Sant 13 votes
answered by Rafael 12 votes

Does elementary 0.4 loki supports 32-bit?

I'm keen to instal this newest release from elementary OS. Unfortunately, I don't get an option to choose between 32 or 64 bit upon download. Does this mean that 32-bit support is dropped altogether? ...

release-loki hardware  
asked by wouter205 13 votes
answered by Djax 9 votes

Update from Loki to Juno stable?

now as Juno (0.5) is stable and released, how can one update from loki? I only find questions regarding the beta release. Is there a way to perform the update with apt? Is is save to edit the sources....

release-loki updates  
asked by yuki-93 4 votes
answered by Mr Shunz 8 votes

How can I make LibreOffice look better?

For example, this is what LibreOffice Calc looks like right after installation: Very Windows 95 looking. Ho can I make it look more in line with the design of elementary OS?

themes libreoffice  
asked by Gabriel 29 votes
answered by fitojb 40 votes

Workspaces seem to only apply to the primary display. Is this a feature or a bug?

I apologize for the wider screenshots than normal, but since this is a dual monitor question/problem, it's necessary... Recently my computer has decided that when I switch workspaces, anything on my ...

release-freya workspace  
asked by Paul Figueiredo 15 votes
answered by Daniel Foré 11 votes

Touchpad right button not working for right click on juno

I have a dell xps with a touchpad with physical buttons. After installing Juno my right button does not work for right click. As far as I undestand from this article

asked by Seb Cesbron 1 vote
answered by Dorban 9 votes

How to change laptop lid close behaviour (to not suspend when the lid is closed)

In other OSes, in the power settings I am able to configure a laptop's 'Close lid' behaviour. Options are like: Hibernate Sleep Power off Do nothing I do not see such an option in elementary OS ...

settings power laptop  
asked by dom_watson 23 votes
answered by vaishious 8 votes
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