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Update error (sudo apt-get update)

I am using freya. When I run sudo apt-get update I got the following errors W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: ...

asked by ericb 1925 5 votes
answered by Ravan 9 votes

App Center stuck on 'waiting'

I'm on a fresh install. At first, when I was trying to install an app from the app center it would say 'starting' with an empty loading bar that would remain empty forever. After looking up some ...

applications appcenter  
asked by banana1 5 votes
answered by geo1230 3 votes

Create Bootable USB in elementary OS

I'm trying to upgrade to Freya from Luna and I need to create a bootable usb drive. Ubuntu has Startup Disk Creator, what does elementary OS have?

asked by Karl Morrison 9 votes
answered by lemonslice 10 votes

Installing phpstorm / webstorm as Application

Is it possible somehow to install phpstorm and webstorm and having them in the application list?

applications software-installation  
asked by Artisan72 5 votes
answered by shrestha_aj 2 votes

How can I start the default file manager from terminal?

I have X11 Forwarding on, and want to use a graphical interface to manage files. How can I start the default file manager over ssh?

command-line file-management  
asked by Huey 8 votes
answered by Bilal Elmoussaoui 10 votes

How can I install elementary tweaks on Loki?

How can I install elementary tweaks on elementary OS 0.4 Loki Beta?

release-loki thirdpartyapps  
asked by mkuru 11 votes
answered by png2378 20 votes

elementary OS won't boot past live CD screen

I booted into live CD and I got the options where you can try elementary OS or install it, but every time I choose one of them it turns into a black screen and then after a few second my monitor can't ...

system-installation boot  
asked by Armando Partida 4 votes
answered by bitseater 6 votes
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