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Eclipse Mars freezes after splash screen

I'm having trouble running Eclipse Mars x64 on Elementary OS. I get to the splash screen and then my computer freezes I have to hard restart it. I'm using the Oracle JDK for Java 8.

asked by zlalanne Score of 16
answered by Rafael Score of 23

How can I start the default file manager from terminal?

I have X11 Forwarding on, and want to use a graphical interface to manage files. How can I start the default file manager over ssh?

command-line file-management  
asked by Huey Score of 11
answered by Bilal Elmoussaoui Score of 13

How do I install Oracle Java JDK 8 on Freya?

How can I install JDK 8? Is it possible to install it from PPA?

asked by AndroidGeek Score of 10
answered by Saeed Masoumi Score of 13

Fix bad quality audio in Bluetooth headphones

I have a pair of Ghostek soDrop 2 headphones. They're Bluetooth-compatible with a built-in microphone and the ability to make calls if connected to a phone. I paired them with my Linux computer, ...

settings sound bluetooth audio  
asked by RobotUnderscore Score of 2
answered by RobotUnderscore Score of 4

i wish to use my Apeman A77 as Webcam, can't find drivers

i can't find a link for drivers to recognize my action cam. i want to use it as a webcam. It does recognize the camera as a mass storage, the sd card.

asked by Vincent-Michael Score of 1
answered by Fanfurlio Score of 3

elementary OS 0.4 Loki, How To Edit Grub

I am a new user of elementary OS, but I have messed around with various different Linux distros for s few years. My question is quite simple, I need to change the Grub menu to have a different OS (...

asked by Rocky Bennett Score of 1
answered by Evgenii Frolov Score of 2

Loki - Media Keys, Shortcuts, Volume Keys broken

As per the recent Reddit post, some of the Hotkeys cannot be assigned as shortcuts and the Screenshot shortcuts do not work at all no matter which shortcut combo is selected. My Xiaomi Mibook has ...

keyboard screenshot keyboard-shortcuts  
asked by GZgidnick Score of 15
answered by GZgidnick Score of 12
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