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How can I get Plank and Wingpanel on both monitors without Mirroring Screens

I would like to get Plank and Wingpanel on both screens of my dual monitor set up without mirroring my screens. How can I do this?

plank wingpanel  
asked by Crutchcorn 9 votes
answered by Tomblarom 9 votes

How to change display resolution

How do I change the display resolution which has only one setting 640 x 480 to settings that will fit my laptop?

asked by Bobby G 7 votes
answered by Ravan 6 votes

How can I change the default Terminal font?

No more to it, I can't seem to find any kind of Options or properties in the Terminal app. Is there a way to change the default font?

pantheon-terminal themes fonts  
asked by Marcel M. 33 votes
answered by png2378 34 votes

SOLVED Problem Broadcom 43142 wifi

I'm on Elementary OS 0.4 and i've a problem with the wifi connection, i tryied to fix it with all i've found on the web, but it still doesn't work. With " lshw -C network " i got that: *-network ...

release-loki wifi drivers networking  
asked by Andrea De Luca 2 votes
answered by Andrea De Luca 3 votes

How to automatically hide wingpanel?

How to automatically hide wingpanel in elementary OS 0.4 Loki?

asked by jtam 9 votes
answered by Ryan DeBeasi 6 votes

App Center does not start

App center is dead. I have no idea where to start troubleshooting. I'm currently manually updating the system and is kept up to date.... Suggestions welcome.

asked by GZgidnick 2 votes
answered by Martijn 0 votes

How do I remove a PPA?

I've added multiple third party PPAs and there are bunch of PPAs which I don't need any more. Is there simple way to remove a PPA?

ppa package-management  
asked by Sanjay Karki 18 votes
answered by Sanjay Karki 28 votes

Can you answer this question?

Monitor shows resolution unsupported when trying to install

I'm fairly new to Linux and decided to try elementary as the first distro to main, however when trying to install it from an USB drive, I see the elementary logo for a few seconds during which there's ...

asked by Tertenea 1 vote
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