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How to solve Gtk-WARNING about “pixmap”

Whenever I start an application, for example, chrome, I am getting the following errors/warnings: Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "pantheon-filechooser-module" [3218:3218:1126/180808:ERROR:...

themes gtk  
user avatar asked by Ravan Score of 6
user avatar answered by Ravan Score of 6

How can I start the default file manager from terminal?

I have X11 Forwarding on, and want to use a graphical interface to manage files. How can I start the default file manager over ssh?

command-line file-management  
user avatar asked by Huey Score of 11
user avatar answered by Bilal Elmoussaoui Score of 13

How to get GNU Emacs work on elementary OS?

When running emacs, the following output appears: X protocol error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) on protocol request 139 When compiled with GTK, Emacs cannot recover from X disconnects. ...

user avatar asked by ltn614 Score of 24
user avatar answered by Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Score of 40

How do I remove a PPA?

I've added multiple third party PPAs and there are bunch of PPAs which I don't need any more. Is there simple way to remove a PPA?

ppa package-management  
user avatar asked by Snykri Score of 18
user avatar answered by Snykri Score of 27

Loki, additional hardware

How do I access the additional hardware/drivers menu in Loki? Am I missing something or was this GUI option removed?

settings release-loki hardware drivers  
user avatar asked by Zachary Sutton Score of 7
user avatar answered by El Paccino Score of 4

Create Bootable USB in elementary OS

I'm trying to upgrade to Freya from Luna and I need to create a bootable usb drive. Ubuntu has Startup Disk Creator, what does elementary OS have?

user avatar asked by Karl Morrison Score of 12
user avatar answered by lemonslice Score of 13

OSX Theme for elementary OS

I like to theme elementary OS loki but i can't find some icons, plank and wingpanel that is similar to OSX sierra. Where should i find it? elementary OS is beautiful by itself but i'd like to try ...

release-loki themes  
user avatar asked by New User 231 Score of 3
user avatar answered by wefunkster Score of 2
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